The Dominican (CAD) Environmental Consortium is a nonprofit organization composed of government, non-governmental and international institutions, linked to the environmental and natural resources sector of the Dominican Republic.
We are a facilitator of strategies and solutions for environmental sustainability in order to widely influence decision-making in the environmental sector, through the transfer of validated high quality experiences and coordinating organizations, agency resources and capabilities.

We cultivate and promote credibility, pro-activity, excellence, transparency and efficiency.

Our mission is to promote and implement environmental solutions to improve environmental and the people’s quality of life, based on the experience and capabilities of our partners and allies.

Structurally, the CAD is an alliance of organizations in the environmental and natural resources sector comprised by state and non-governmental institutions. A dozen environmental institutions currently make up the CAD, among which are:

Loma Quita Espuela Foundation, Center for Sustainable Agriculture with Appropriate Technology (CASTA, as known by its Spanish acronym), National Botanical Garden, Jaragua Group, Progressio Foundation, Center for the Conservation and Eco-Development of the Bay of Samaná Bay and its Environment (CEBSE, as known by its Spanish acronym), Secretary of State for the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARENA, as known by its Spanish acronym) Ecomar Program, Service Social German Technical Cooperation (DED), Swiss Association for International Cooperation Helvetas, Institute for the Development of Associative Economics.

The CAD works in the sustainable management of resources, focusing on ecosystem management for the island, affecting the entire country, with emphasis on the border, especially in the Sierra de Bahoruco. We currently have offices in Santo Domingo and Barahona.

CAD’s actions are carried out especially in protected areas and their buffer zones, but not limited to these areas. The CAD has influence in areas of Samana, Nagua, San Francisco de Macoris, Constanza and Jarabacoa, Villa Altagracia, Bani and San José de Ocoa, Oviedo, Sierra Neyba.

Mission statement: "To promote and implement environmental solutions, backed by the experience and capabilities of partners and allies with the aim of achieving better environmental and quality of life for the communities”.


The objectives of the CAD are:

Promote validated practices and strategies for sustainable environmental management; actions that promote ecologically sustainable development, assessing the socio-cultural traditions and motivating participation of community and of the business and industrial sectors in environmental management; promote the integration of environmental sector organizations, achieving synergy for environmental protection; contribute to the knowledge and application of the national regulatory framework related to the sustainable management of natural resources; help strengthen the managerial and operational capacity of partners, contribute to the conservation and management of natural resources of the environment.